Five Reasons to Visit London This Summer

It’s around this time of year that families, couples, and solo travellers start planning and building itineraries for their summer trips and vacations.

Premier Club Rewards let you access a range of hotels across central and west London, collecting points and benefiting from exclusive deals which make your stay both more relaxing and more luxurious. But why should you choose London as a summer destination in the first place?

Here are our top five reasons why you should add London to your list for this summer.

  1. Coronation Fever

The coronation of King Charles III is taking place in May 2023, with coronation fever expected to stick around throughout most of the summer as tourists from all over the world revel in the celebrations. With every Hyde Park hotel and restaurant expected to celebrate in their own way, whether or not you find yourself in London during the coronation weekend itself, expect to see special royal-inspired dishes and Union Jacks dotted through the city for the coming weeks and months.

  1. The beauty of the Royal Parks

Summer is the most beautiful time of year across many of the city’s Royal Parks, with the flowers in full bloom and the grass a luscious green. Some of the best parks to visit include Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, both within walking distance of your luxury accommodation in Kensington, as well as Green Park and St James’s Park

  1. New theatre shows

The West End line-up of plays and musicals is always changing, with brand new shows appearing on billboards and in the local Metro newspaper on a regular basis. With the Soho area of London packed full of some of the best and most famous theatres in the whole of the UK, this is a particularly exciting and immersive destination for tourists to visit – with plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy before and after each show.

  1. Attractions for the whole family

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, combining historical architecture with modern high rises and innovative structures, and boasting influences from all over the world. As such, the attractions on offer range from the historical and educational to the vibrant and fun-filled – with everything from lifesize games and challenges to museums, galleries, exhibitions, and guided tours of some of the city’s most famous buildings and sites.

There really is something for everyone in London, with attractions for sunny and rainy days.

  1. Excellent food and drink

Last but not least: London’s food scene. Owing to its diverse culture and community, London is rife with British classics and exotic flavours, with sites like Borough Market offering an authentic street food experience while classic venues like the Grant Restaurant Paddington deliver a taste of London in a luxurious and memorable format.

Whatever your tastes, London boasts a plethora of dishes and foodie experiences that are well worth a visit – with food and drink lovers particularly encouraged to visit during specific London festivals like Taste of London which occurs once in the summer and once in the winter.

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