Fashion for One and All in London

London is one of the great fashion capitals of world. We can boast some of the most sought after designers, the best shows, the finest shopping districts. There can be no question that when it comes to high fashion we’re right at the top. The thing that makes us really stand out though is not our top shelf fashion, but the accessibility of our styles. Countless out of the way boutiques offer stunningly stylish outfits at rates that everyone can enjoy. Even people living on a regular budget can enjoy looking like the biggest stars.

Fashion In London


Camden is the perfect starting place for an alternative shopping spree. It is well known for more affordable clothing and, even though it has gone a bit more mainstream these days, it is still a superb place to find little oddities. The rambling nature of the market also makes it a delight to shop in; giving you the feeling of an explorer finding treasure’s when you come across the perfect item. Another bonus that makes it an ideal stop in any shopping expedition is the phenomenal food market running every weekend; start with a hearty breakfast or pick up your energy with a delicious lunch.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill has become one of London’s most stylish neighbourhoods. Its extensive boutique scene brings some of London’s hippest youth to the beautiful streets. There are plenty of fashion outlets and established chains and, tucked away in the winding streets for you to find them, a plethora of hidden gems. It’s another place perfect for the more adventurous kind of fashionista; the journey is half the fun of the shopping trip after all. The area is so nice to explore that you may want not want to leave at the end of the day; check in at the London Premier Notting Hill for a comfortable night’s stay in a superb shopping hub.



If you are looking for diverse and cosmopolitan shopping then you should check out some of the fantastic shopping opportunities in Bayswater. They Bayswater area is in an attractive central location near Hyde Park making it a wonderfully accessible spot for a shopping spree. Its diversity is in part due to Bayswater hosting the largest number of hotels in any London region many built into the beautiful old Victorian terraces.

Portobello Market

portbello market

Portobello Market is another exceptional place to look for hidden gems. The long stretch of Portobello road is filled with tiny shops and stalls and there are plenty of side streets shooting off from the main road; with all that expanse of retail, you will definitely be able to find something special just for you. Better yet the market style keeps the prices nice and affordable for all.


In amongst the already excellent shopping districts of Hackney lies a true treasure: Shoreditch. Formally nothing more than a rural district on the outskirts of London proper; Shoreditch has grown to become a gathering place for the young and stylish. It’s great popularity and numerous trendy bars make it an excellent place for a shopping spree; but its reputation has spread so keep in mind the place is not quit as affordable as it once was.

Petticoat Lane Market

If you find yourself shopping in the East End be sure to make your way to Petticoat Lane Market. This classic market is an exceptional place to look for surprise wonders; the kind of clothes you never realise you need till you see them. As one of London’s longest running markets it has certainly seen its share of diamonds in the rough; so why not go exploring one Sunday afternoon?

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