Famous Art Galleries in Central London

An eclectic range of art galleries can be found across London’s landscape, which is part of the reason why numerous people travel to the city. Many are looking for a taste of art and culture, and while travellers can find this in other cities; the offerings provided by London are quite varied and offered much more than art – they also offer numerous events.

Notable art galleries include the National Portrait Gallery, the TATE, the Tate Modern, the Saatchi Gallery, and the Royal Academy of Arts. You’ve most likely heard of these attractions and already plan on visiting them. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the independent attractions in the city so that you can peek into some of the more refined and unique art shows in the city.

street art

Haunch of Venison, Mayfair

The Haunch Venison has become a firm favourite on London’s art scene. The gallery presents notable contemporary artists, including Rina Banerjee, Justin Mortimer and Thomas Heatherwick.

Pace London , Soho

With its origins in Boston, the Pace Gallery in Mayfair is due to be open just in time for Winter break in October. Pace organisers have always known the importance of London as an art capital and have naturally decided to bring their showcase over to the city.

The Wapping Project

This is an art gallery like no other. It focuses exclusively on lens-based media, and their roster of artists include Lillian Bassman, Deborah Turbeville, and Elina Brotherus. The project was founded by Jules Wright in October 2009.

White Cube , Shoreditch

White cube shows manage to be both glamorous and intelligent, and that can’t be said for all of London’s contemporary art galleries. It’s found in Hoxton, and this has a lot to do with the area’s growth in popularity over the past few years.

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