Exploring the peaceful spots in London

If have a desire to find unusual corners and streets in a city, then you’ll be glad to know that London has its fair share of those.  In this post, we’ll be guiding you through peaceful areas in otherwise ordinarily hectic streets. For instance, Brookes market in Holborn can get particularly busy but if you leave the market through an alleyway in the north-west corner, you’ll bypass the noise of Holborn and find a quiet retreat into Gray’s inn.

 The Garden Museum

Known as the most peaceful museum in the city, this is a place to enjoy all kinds of tools, paintings, and documents. It’s found near Westminster and is open Sunday to Friday between 10:30AM to 5PM and 10:30PM-4PM on Saturdays.

The Lindley Library London

Set in the Royal Horticultural society headquarters, this library holds early collections on gardening, botanical art, and is open on two floors. Unlike many libraries in London, which can seem quite busy and clinical, this venue is quite peaceful in comparison. The nearest Underground station is Oxford Street, and its entrance is on Regent’s street.

The Camley Street Natural Park

Unlike the royal parks in the city, such as Hyde Park and Regent’s, the Camley Street Natural Park provides visitors with a smaller space that can be more easily experienced from start to finish. Interestingly, the Camley Street Natural park was created from an old coal yard back in 1984. Meaning, it’s relatively new in comparison to the many nature sites in the city. It can be found near Kings cross, which is also close to the Park Grand London Kensington, a luxury accommodation which offers a series of London hotels discounts.

In summary, you can no doubt find lots of secret avenues and streets in the city – all of which enable you to see the city differently. More importantly, you can find many peaceful spots across the city, you’ll just need to look out of them because they’re not always immediately apparent. So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay in London this season, and experience and idyllic, peaceful holiday you’ve been dreaming about.

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