When you stay in a luxury London hotel, you come with a set of expectations in mind. The London hotel is a place of heritage, approachability and relaxation. With a city so full of noise and movement, people expect to come back to a place with a relaxed ambience, all under a roof which reflects the traditions and culture of London. The Chilworth Hotel Paddington embraces all these attributes. Located in the beautiful stucco region surrounding the historic Paddington station, alongside great service and friendly staff, you can expect this Premier Club Reward member to bring you the best of London’s luxury hotel scene and more.

It’s all well and good talking it up, but what exactly does the Chilworth offer to set it out from the London hotel crowd?

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The Hotel

Situated at 55 Westbourne Terrace in Paddington, this hotel boasts a gorgeous layout and interior. This restored townhouse, reflecting the surrounding architecture is home to spacious rooms and elegant finishes. The lobby is lathered in dark wood and polished marble, bringing the atmosphere of a private members club but with a welcoming atmosphere which will attract all guests, wherever you’re from. The crux of the Chilworth is that anyone can feel at home here, the welcoming warmth of the staff bringing luxury and openness into beautiful union. With a wide variety of rooms coming with a great range of options for guests, including a pillow menu and vitamin c infused showers, the hotel goes that extra mile for its guests.


The Chilworth is ideally located for those travelling from Heathrow Airport. This is due to the direct train service from Heathrow to Paddington Station, alongside the historic London terminal bringing in services from across the country. This is especially useful for business travellers whoa re on a tight schedule and allows for those with mobility issues to arrive at the Chilworth with as little trouble as there can be for a Central London Hotel.

What’s more, the Chilworth Hotel is located very close to the iconic Hyde Park. With so much green space and opportunities for theatre, art and even a lido on the Serpentine right on your doorstep, there is no better hotel to start your day at.


A hotel can’t just be a renter of rooms. To truly stand out and to concrete its originality, it must offer a range of amenities inside and outside the room. Whether you’re on a romantic weekend or just want some potpourri, rooms at the Chilworth have the option to have crisp rose petals sprinkled across the bed, bringing that truly romantic statement to your indulgent night in.

The Chilworth also offers a range of dining options, it’s restaurant giving you simple yet tasty lunch and afternoon tea options. The snug bar is run by professional mixologists, who will no doubt be able to conjure your favourite cocktails in the blink of an eye. All of this and more makes the Chilworth more than just a room to stay in, it’s a true London experience.


A must-see amenity in the Chilworth is its blissful spa facilities. Whether it’s a relaxing jacuzzi or a soothing massage, the Chilworth gives you ample opportunity to up your wellness. You won’t just sleep well at the Chilworth, you’ll live well as well.

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