Enjoy the beauty of Christmas near Kensington High Street

Christmas time is probably the most beautiful time of the year to be in London. Every area, street and zone is lit with stunning festive decorations, turning London into a dream destination. When visiting London for Christmas book yourself a nice hotel that is centrally located and is close to all the Christmassy attractions.

If you are in London for work, with family, friends or for a romantic getaway you can book a comfortable and luxurious stay at the Park Grand London Kensington in the heart of London city. Here you will enjoy a satisfying stay and can even avail a good Christmas holiday deal.

The hotel provides special offers to customers who book with them regularly. You can book with this hotel on your next trip too and get some great deals by subscribing to their rewards program. If you book directly with the hotel they will offer you their loyalty program. What makes this hotel ideal for a holiday is its prime location. Below is the list of must-visit Christmas attractions in the area that are close to the hotel.

The Builder’s Arms

A great pub at the beautiful Kensington high street, here you can experience the famous British pub-grub tradition. A great place to enjoy with your friends and family, you must visit this authentic British pub.

Explore Kensington Palace

Kensington PalaceA mandatory attraction for all tourists, the Kensington Palace is great for a day out in London. It’s amazing to see how beautifully the palace has been restored. Keep a track on what’s on here and indulge in some royal entertainment. You are sure to get charmed by this stylish royal residence.

Whole Foods Market

shutterstock_645031861Moments away from the hotel, this place is a haven for fitness freaks and people who are into clean eating. From organic veggies, to takeaway meals, this huge store is an interesting place to explore. Plus, if you get lucky you might bump into some celebrities doing their healthy groceries here.

The Royal College of Music

Music lovers this is the place you must go to. With concerts and musical events happening all around the year this is an ultimate destination. Look out for events on their website and book what’s playing while you are in the city. You can be lucky to find a free concert too.

Shop Kensington Church Street

shutterstock_202476451Shopping in London is almost like an attraction. If walking in crowded and the usual brand shops is not what you are looking for, here you can visit the independent shops and boutiques where you can shop unique finds. It’s a popular street to shop amongst the celebrities.

Roof Gardens


This is probably one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a drink in London. A leafy-green garden in the heart of the city serving you drinks you love is a rare and worth-it experience. This place is a paradise on earth, with flamingos, flowers and an enchanting atmosphere- you don’t want to be anywhere else but here. Enjoy the Roof Gardens and dine at the Babylon.

The museums

History Museum

Kensington High Street is comfortably located close to some great London Museums. To name a few, you can go to the V&A Museum, Science Museum, National History Museum, Royal Geographical Society and more. You can see many exhibitions, events and other permanent displays here to know more about history, future, art and literature.

The Parks

Kensington garden

Wander around Holland Park for a stroll and enjoy the greenery of London city. One of London’s most famous parks, here you can see the Orangeries, the Japanese Gardens and even enjoy a little picnic here. You can also visit the Kensington Gardens which are also popular for their beauty.

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