Enjoy a sleepover at London’s museums and other top attractions

Going on a holiday with the family is an exciting as well as can be a challenging experience. This is especially so if there are young kids in tow as they have short attention spans and tend to get bored and vexed easily. When planning a holiday with them it is necessary to choose a spot that offers a lot of attractions as well as activities for adults as well the kids. And there is no better place than the British capital London, which is known to have something for everyone from kids to the elderly!

And when you travel with the kids you need to choose a hotel that is kid friendly as well! And it should be in a central location so as to minimise having to travel with them long distances. A good option to stay on holiday in the city would be a Kensington London Hotel. The benefit is that it is close to a number of attractions along with having good transport links with other parts of London.

And when it comes to family friendly hotels in the area the Hyde Park International – Member of Park Grand London is a great choice both in terms of amenities as well as price. And it is stone’s throw away from some of the best museums in London, places that both and adults simply love to visit. While in the city why not take the kids to a night sleepover at any of the top museums and other prominent children’s attractions in the city. Just some of the top sleepover spots are:

Natural History Museum

Natural history museum

A terrific place to visit both for children as well as adults! It is one of the most visited as well as out of the most popular museums in the city. For those who are above 18 years of age there camps that are set up near the highlight of the museum the gigantic 26 metre Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton fondly referred to as Dippy, which is in the massive Hintze Hall. Campers are offered a complimentary drink on arrival. Then there are three fascinating science shows, followed by a tour of the galleries followed by a rather unique insect tasting session. That is followed by a delicious three-course meal. With great live music, a cash only bar and a night long monster movie session, it will leave you exhausted but thoroughly enchanted. When morning dawns there is a lovely warm breakfast that is served before the museums opens to the public for the day.

The younger one aged 8 to 11, it is no less exciting an experience! There is a special torch-lit trail which passes through the exhibits in the dinosaur gallery that is thrilling for the kids. That is followed by a live show all about mini beasts. Children are then involved in an activity where they are given an opportunity to design their own snazzy dinosaur t-shirts and later sleep through the night with Dippy standing guard. In the morning a sumptuous breakfast is served followed by an interesting live animal show.

Science Museum

Science Museum

The Science Museums hosts its famous Science Night which has been on for such a long period of time that quite a few members of the current staff had experienced it themselves, as kids when it began in the early nineties. Of course the theme changes as per the month, and there is a captivating science show, an innovative make-and-take workshop and of course the highlight an incredible life like IMAX film every time. There are a number of workshops that are specially designed for the kids and plenty of shows to watch before they watch an awe-inspiring 3D movie. Once breakfast is over the museum opens for the general public as usual. If the kids still have the energy after a hectic albeit interesting night they are free to begin an exploratory tour of the amazing interactive exhibits found in the Launchpad area as well as can visit the stunning Exploring Space Gallery. It is so popular that even the kids of well known public personalities like Prince Andrew and Jonathan Ross have opted for a thrilling Science Museum sleepover.

Golden Hinde

It is an enjoyable experience particularly for those who have a fascination for the sea and the great vessels that sailed on it. Visitors enjoy the unique experience of donning a Tudor outfit that is in the style of complete sailor regalia, true to form as it was during Sir Francis Drake’s time. Once aboard the impressive replica of a 16th-century ship, visitors are instructed how to enact the roles of an office, barber-surgeon and a gunner etc. For dinner an authentic delicious stew is served as in the good ol’ days, after which there is a session of bedtime stories. To make the experience more exciting visitors can choose to sleep on the gun-deck that is located between the cannons exactly as it would have been with Drake’s crew. For those who find it difficult to endure the authentic albeit difficult conditions there are extra blankets and even electric radiators which are provided to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The sleepovers on the Golden Hinde happen from March to October and are perfect for kids between the ages 6-11, and there is an adult to accompany every group.

 Hamleys Toy Shop

Probably the most famous toy shop on the planet it offers a unique sleepover experience. Well it certainly does not come cheap but for those whom money is not an issue it is exactly what every girl or boy dreams and possibly wants to experience. After all who can resist a teddy bear picnic!  There also is the option of choosing to be a part of the action heroes group that grapples to protect the world or for girls a special doll pampering session. The sleepovers at Hamley’ are held on Saturday nights with the staff well trained to organise a variety of activities, like plenty of games and exciting treasure hunts. At midnight a veritable feast is served after which the kids take to bed to drift into la-la land!

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