Boating in London: Fun on the Water

Summer means it is time to get out there and enjoy the brief bursts of sunshine London gets. What better way to embrace London’s brighter moments then getting out of your hotel room at the London Premier Notting Hill or wherever you are staying, and heading out on the River. Get out on a boat on the Thames or one of the canals that run through London to experience London at its most beautiful.

Boating in london

Narrow Boat Tours

If you have walked through Camden or along the north side of Regent’s Park, you have probably stopped and admired the beautiful narrow boats as they cruise the canals. If you are like me, the lovely little boats made an impression and you immediately wanted to get out there on one. Fortunately, there are a quite a few options for you if a canal tour sounds like your idea of a good time. For about ten pounds you can get a ride up the canals on the dawdling boats from Camden Lock to Little Venice. You will pass through many beautiful parts of London and a comfortable and leisurely pace, the perfect relaxing day out.

Clipper Tour

If you fancy a wide open water experience instead of the narrow canals try out the Clipper tour, London’s famed river bus service.Both commuters and sightseers use this boat as the speediest way to see the Thames, and a cool alternative to being boxed in a cab.There is a discount if you use an Oyster card, but the trip isn’t particularly cheap.

The Tattershall Castle

Naturally the most traditional way to spend your time in London, on land or sea, is in a pub. Thankfully the Tattershall Castle has you covered with this floating pub docked at Embankment, just opposite The London Eye. It is the perfect site for an ice cold glass of white wine or a chilled pint of beer. There is also dinner in the form of an on-deck barbeque. It is the perfect place to while away a warm London evening.

Kayaking on Regents Canal

If you are seeking a more active experience on the water, perhaps consider kayaking on the Regents Canal. It is a great way to spend time for families hoping to tire out the kids with some good healthy fun. Friendly instructors will guide you on your way, so don’t fear to get involved. It is a wet, fun time on the canal; a perfect summer activity.

Boating on the Serpentine

Serpentine Boating Lake

Another great way to get your exercise in is to try your hand at boating on the Serpentine in Hyde Park. This man made body of water is the perfect, low commitment place to enjoy the sunshine with your family. The Serpentine sits between Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, right in the heart of London. There are Pedalo boats if you want to relax and rowing boats if you feel a bit more energetic, or simply send your kids out while you relax in the Serpentine Café.If Hyde Park doesn’t take your fancy, quite a few parks around London have similar set ups, including Regents Park and Victoria Park. It is definitely a great way to relax on the weekend, so pack up the kids and take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts.

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