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Business travellers are always looking for a new way to save money; it’s part of just that, business. And if you’re travelling to London, there are plenty of rewards schemes you can find which can help you to make the most of your trip. With business travel being compulsory and at the expense of time with family and friends, your company like to try and make your journey as comfortable as possible to alleviate the loneliness which can be felt during a business trip. If you’re looking for potentials for a great business trip then both travel companies and hotels will reward your ongoing loyalty. Of course, each of our individual needs as a traveller will be different and so a good rewards programme should cater to your needs. Here are just a few of the things you should look for when trying to find a good hotel rewards programme.

Airline rewards programmes

Most airlines will offer their frequent flyers a loyalty scheme. These basically act as a n incentive for you to return to the airline for their services. Many airlines will build up business from their continuous travellers, especially if they’re business travellers who must fly a lot of the year. The more you travel, the better your service, it’s as simple as that really, and instead of flying being something you dread, it should be made as comfortable as possible, especially during those long waits in flight halls or long idle periods of sitting on a cramped plane. So, what should you keep in mind when looking for the rewards programme which is right for you?

Airline rewards programmes

Airline city hub

If the hub of your chosen airline is the city in which you live, you may be susceptible to even more discounts because of your location. There may be many benefits from this, whether it be ease of travel or generally cheaper flights, either way your convenience has just been upped massively if you live in the hub city of your airline. What’s more, if you live in the hub city there will be a lot more flights form the airline coming out of your most frequently travelled area. You’ll have more choice for flights from that airline.

Where do you most often fly?

Is your flying national or international, and if international, which continent and country is it? Is it best for you to fly with a national airline or an international one. Perhaps the host airline for the country you most travel to may be the best option for you. If the latter is the case, then you may be able to find specific deals for gathering more air miles when travelling to that specific country.

What are air miles?

Air miles are the rewards system used by most airlines. The more you fly, the more air miles you accumulate, and this can open you up to perks such as business class travel and access to airport lounges. Air Miles help you strive towards more comfortable travel and the promise of great service and often free drinks and food, something which no one would want to turn down with the more than questionable airplane food you are often subjected to in flight!


Where are you flying?

If there’s one place you’re flying to and from, it’ll be easier to calculate your air miles. On top of this, airports may have specific perks and privileges which you can take advantage of if you are flying to them more frequently. Air services and airport services are always looking for regular customers and will provide you with extra incentives for your regular travel.

What is your travel style?

Everybody wants to travel in style, whether that means being comfortable or having fun. It is not always necessary though, especially on short haul flights which are quicker than a tube journey. If you’re wanting to travel with extra meal requirements or extra leg room, then this should be kept in mind when looking at what perks are on offer to you. This is especially true if you must choose only a few from a list. This will help you really decide whether you’re travelling with the right rewards scheme. Look at the cost of your travel as well, are the perks and conveniences worth the money your paying or the points being deducted from your airmiles?


Below are some of our favourite hotels from which you can gain incredible perks and jump on board with some of the best hotel loyalty programs out there.

grand royale london hyde park

Piccadilly London West End

The Piccadilly London West End Hotel reward programme is great for regular customers. When choosing between silver, gold and platinum memberships, you’ll be able to see a range of amenities and privileges become available to you. These include access to the club lounge and a range of free gifts on attendance to your room. What’s more, the Piccadilly London has a great location, allowing you to explore some of London’s hottest spots, right on your doorstep!

Park Grand London Kensington

The terrific Park Grand London Kensington reward programme is also great due to its location and terrific classiness. Explore the Chelsea and Kensington area whilst also enjoying some of the sleek and trendy benefits of the premier club rewards. The hotel loves giving people the opportunity to build up for an even better stay.

Hyde Park International – Member of Park Grand London

Hyde Park International – Member of Park Grand London is one of the best business hotels out there. This is due to their amazing corporate rates which give you the chance for an early check in and late check out options. You will also benefit from great value secretarial services and complimentary fruit baskets.

Grand Royale London Hyde Park

Check out the heart of the city in comfort and luxury, whatever the reason for your stay with the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel rewards programme. Whether you’re here with family or business, London will be at your doorstep, the hotel keeping you well rested for whatever your days bring.

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