Benefits of joining a Hotel Rewards Programme

If you’re a frequent traveller, always jetting off to somewhere new and exciting, you’ve no doubt come across schemes such as frequent flyer miles from airlines, and other incentives to help you on your way to saving money as you explore. You wouldn’t be alone in assuming air miles are one of the best ways to build up rewards to travel savvier. However, they’re not the only way to do so, and in many cases, aren’t the most efficient.


If you like the more luxurious side of life when travelling (and why shouldn’t you?!) you may have come across hotel rewards programmes from some of the more lavish options out there. This can be a fantastic way to not only save some cash but also to help you feel like a true VIP as you arrive at your new destination.

If you’re unconvinced, we’ve put together some of the key benefits of joining a hotel rewards programme to help change your mind.

You can reap the benefits easily (sometimes even immediately)

One key thing that hotel rewards programmes have over air miles is that you don’t usually have to wait a certain amount of time before you can reap the benefits. For example, with most air line rewards policies, you generally need to accumulate a certain amount of points before you can actually use them, or to even make it worth it which can be super annoying.

With the best hotel rewards programmes, such as our Premier Club Rewards, you’ll enjoy advantages from the moment you sign up, and each and every time you stay at one of our fabulous hotels. Joining Premier Club Rewards means the privileges of membership are yours from day one, with benefits towards complimentary nights. With so many ways to welcome you home away from home, why stay anywhere else?

You can use your points at a multitude of places

The advantage of opting for a rewards programme at a hotel with loads of different locations under their belt is that you can (usually) take advantage of your points at any of them. Our offering is especially perfect for this – Premier Rewards official club is your gateway to a collection of fantastic hotels in London. With select locations in Central London, the West End and London Heathrow, you’ll find a great hotel wherever you go.

Our portfolio under the Park Grand London Hotels and Shaftesbury Hotels London brands present ideally located, beautiful modern hotels that are all about comfort, elegance and ease. This is traditional hospitality enhanced with modern-day amenities and attentive customer service, covering the best London West End hotels and many, many more.

Hotel Rewards Hotel

Rates for loyalty programme members are often cheaper

Another huge perk enjoyed by frequent travellers is a super obvious but key one – members of top rewards programmes can enjoy lower room rates than non-members for the exact same offering. With a lot of the best ones, you don’t always have to hit a certain number of stays, or cash minimums before being able to book a loyalty rate, either. Sometimes, you can even sign up as you book and still take advantage of that lower rate. And then moving forward, you’ll qualify for the lowest hotel rates possible and start getting all the other perks that come with the territory as well.

There are options for all budgets

We welcome members of all budgets. In fact, we offer three membership tiers – Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

You’ll become a Silver member the moment you join, and progress towards Platinum membership the more often you stay with us, with ever more generous benefits. So even if you don’t find yourself travelling loads – perhaps you just need to take advantage of Heathrow rewards – you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of our fabulous Silver class.

You’ll receive access to an abundance of special perks

Speaking of other perks, this surely is the best bit, and it is the main thing that will make you want to sign up. After all, who doesn’t love feeling like a true VIP?!

Here are some of the best and most common perks of our Rewards official club

The best locations for your room

There’s nothing worse than checking into a hotel after an exhausting journey, heading up to your room ready to get some much-needed shut-eye, and discovering that you’re right by the lifts or the ice machine. However, members will benefit from room location flexibility, as well as the occasional upgrade if that’s a possibility – all you can do is ask!

Late check-out times

One of the best perks offered to club members is a luxuriously late check-out that you don’t need to pay extra for. This is a key perk used to draw members in, so don’t be afraid to negotiate a later time if you’re feeling particularly lazy!

Free Wi-Fi and breakfast

Although the best hotels out there, such as the range of amazing hotels on our books, offer free Wi-Fi and breakfast as standard, there are more and more hotels out there now that don’t, as this is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways for them to cut back on spends.

However, rewards members can usually not only enjoy these two highlights, but potentially even more special options, such as breakfast delivered to your room, and extra-fast Wi-Fi. Check the options available to you before signing up.

VIP treatment as standard

Without a doubt though, the best thing about joining a hotel rewards membership scheme such as ours is that you can expect the VIP treatment every time you travel. After all, sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel pampered and extra special. So things like having something sparkling to greet you in your room as you arrive, or having access to an exclusive club bar lounge really do make a difference when it comes to booking a lavish stay.

A lot of the VIP rewards benefits will differ from hotel to hotel, so don’t be afraid to ask at the front desk what you can expect as a member.

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