Benefits of getting the London Pass

Whether you are travelling to London with friends, family or alone, maintain a budget can be hard. When exploring a new city, you can spend a lot to see the top-attractions, indulging in the must-do experiences and travelling from one attraction to another can cost anyone and everyone a fortune. Plus, if you are travelling in group or with family controlling budget becomes harder and harder.

London, one of the most loved and frequently visited cities from travellers all around the world is mindful of its guest’s needs and therefore offers the various money and time options to choose from. One of the great options it offers for its visitors is the London Pass. We definitely recommend this pass for visitors who have limited time, want to save money and avoid the stress of miss seeing the best attractions of London as well as standing in queues.

The London Pass is one of the most efficient and smart ways of exploring London city. Below are the benefits of a getting a London Pass for you and your family.

money saving

Save money

Getting the London Pass lets you save a lot of money on each attraction. This pass is designed in a way that you can cut costs and start saving from the start as entry fees are already paid for and included in the price of the pass. On the London Pass you can actually see the actual price of an attraction vs the reduced priced you get, if you visit the attraction via the London Pass. Offering discounted rates for over 60 attractions of London, this Pass is as good as it gets.

Save time

The London Pass eliminates the most dreadful part of any trip that is to stand in long, never-ending queues when visiting your favourite attraction. It’s a dream come true experience to fast track your entry, skip the queue and have a leisurely time adoring the actual attraction that standing in lines. This gives you more time in the city, saves energy and gives you time to explore more.
No stress

The London pass also takes away the stress of rushing to buying tickets for every attraction. You save time and reduce the stress of standing in lines for buying the tickets as well.

No sold outs

You will never encounter a sold out board. With the London pass all the attractions you choose to see are pre-booked for you and you never find a no entry as long as you reach within the opening and closing times of the attraction.



London Pass gives you everything you love, including some useful freebies. You will get a free 160 page guidebook full of useful tips, maps and information. You also get a free 1 day Hop-off and Hop-on bus tour. Plus, you will discover 20 exclusive special offers for the customers of the London Pass. You can also install the London pass on your mobile or any smart device and get rid of the hassle of carrying any other thing. You also get a free money back guarantee, so you can order with confidence. You can also add the optional Oyster Travel card to this pass and sort out all your commuting at once.

Others ways to save money and time when travelling to London are by booking a hotel in central London. This keeps you close to all top-rated attractions as well as offers you great connection via tube, train and buses to other parts of London. To enjoy the benefit of an ideal location, luxurious comfort and access to all modern facilities and amenities, book your stay at the grand and stylish Metropolis London Hyde Park hotel.

Here you can relax, unwind and get rid of all the tiredness from all the exploring. Staying in a luxury, in the heart of the city, you can still save money by using the Hotel Rewards Programs that is offered at this exclusive London hotel. Plus, the hotel is very family friendly and is a great place for your family and friends to live together to enjoying bonding time and have a memorable trip.

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