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London is full to bursting with beauty and wonder and fascinating sights, the only problem is finding it all. London is huge, sprawling, winding and dense. There are countless alleyways and twisting roads, and among that maze are some of the greatest treasures you will ever behold. Getting around London can be immensely challenging for a tourist; if you don’t have experience of the city, it can all be quite overwhelming. Sometimes, to keep it all from getting overwhelming, you need a bit of help dealing with it all. Luckily for you, in this technological day and age, you have easy access to countless travel aids, all through the smartphone in your pocket. It is a golden age of travel, with apps that make it easier than it ever has been. Embrace the future; here are a couple of apps to get you started.


Out on the town with no plan in place? YPlan is here for you. YPlan is an app designed around the simple notion, why plan? This app removes the need to plan ahead in order to have a good time in London. It amounts to a vast list of events around the city that can be attended at the last minute. With a few taps you can find the best gigs, comedy nights, musicals, food festivals, tours, even cookery courses, and much more; all of it categorised to make it super easy for you to have a great time no matter when you want to go out on the town. The perfect option for a traveller who suddenly finds they have a spare evening in this great city.


Let’s face it; travel is expensive, and travelling in London is even worse. Without the aid of an app like Happiour those costs can get quite overwhelming.  Happiour is an app that gives you details about the nearest happy hours and the odd freebies. It collects information on all the best places to get a cheap pint or cocktail, or maybe a discount burger. The app tracks such popular London companies as London Cocktail Club, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and LEON. A perfect way to save you a few quid while travelling in this expensive city. Another great way to save money is to check hotel rewards systems like Premier Club Rewards that give you a discounts for multiple stays.

Tube Exits

Tube Exits is an odd little app, but quite useful for travellers who value their time. The app lets you know which Tube carriage you need to get on in order to get out of the tube station at the other end. Input your starting point and your destination and the app will tell you exactly where to get on to make for the shortest transfer possible. They also keep up to date line information to help you avoid any stoppages are line works.


This is an odd little app that is taking off in London. The app allows you to view your bar or restaurant bill live, and pay instantly from your phone when you are done. It is great for speeding up your departure when you need to run to get to the theatre in time.

London city map


London is quite a complex city to get around. Winding streets and tiny alleys shooting off other tiny alleyways; if you don’t have a guide it is very easy to get lost in this sprawling place.While getting lost can be fun in a city this full of things to discover, CityMapper is here for you when an adventure is too much of a diversion. There’s journey planning, with comprehensive information about the London Tube and Bus networks, up-to-date schedule information, and even details about journey pricing. It isindispensable when dealing with the vast transport network.

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