All You Need to Know About the Premier Club Rewards Programme

There are many hotel reward programmes out there, all of which are boasting a range of amenities and top notch discounts. The problem is with a sea of hotel amenities, you can find many of these giving more bark than bite. The Premier Hotel Loyalty Programme is not one of them, giving loyal members of the hotel groups involved a range of discounts, benefits and top notch service unseen in a rewards programme before. That’s not to say we don’t treat all our guests with respect, but a rewards programme means that the sky is the limit for your longevity of using our services.

Premier Hotel Loyalty Programme

What do I get for signing up?

A membership with our premier club rewards programme will give you a doorway into new heights of hotel luxury. Due to your building of a long-term relationship with us, you’ll get access to exclusive treatment and your loyalty to our hotels therefore rewarded. The rewards programme is flexible to your hotel habits, each membership depending on how and when you stay with us. It’s simple really, the more you stay, the more benefits you get. Whether it’s room upgrades, special service or access to all areas, the rewards programme is set up for the sort of traveler you are.

We have three levels of membership; these are Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver Membership

As a silver member, you will receive an extended checkout period, a complimentary room upgrade if available and a range of benefits if you book through our own reservations office. These benefits include a luxurious bottle of water in your room and a tasty fruit basket on arrival.

Gold Membership

You can get a Gold Membership by staying with us for 30 nights at any of our hotels. On top of the silver benefits, you’ll also experience a range of new benefits to your loyalty to us. You will receive points that won’t expire, so if there are longer periods where you’re not using our services, you won’t lose your points. On top of this, you’ll also experience extended check outs a complimentary room upgrade and free broadband in the club lounge. You will also benefit from free local calls and faxes giving you the best in communications, any business travelers dream!

Platinum Membership

After staying with the Premier Group for anything over 60 nights in one year, you’ll be subject to our highest range of hotel benefits. Alongside the Gold and Silver rewards, you will also be gifted with a newspaper in your room, extended check out to 6pm, complimentary snacks in any bar room between 5 and 7pm, access all areas club lounge use, complimentary laundry services for one set. On top of this, if you book a room direct you’ll also get mineral water, a fruit basket every day and complimentary chocolates on the day you arrive.

So join today to experience the best hotels can offer, the incentive to stay with us has never been so strong!

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