All you need to know about the Natural History Museum

London is one of the most popular destinations amongst travellers from around the world. Apart from its stunning attractions, the city offers a variety of cultures and vibes that please and attract one and all. London is probably one of the very few cities of the world that offers massive parks and gardens free for Londoners as well as its visitors. Plus, in the city you will be surprised to find that several museums and attractions are also open for exploring and discovering without being charged any fee.

History Museum

If you are a lover of museums, art, history and heritage travelling to London, then London is the ideal destination for you. This wonderful and vibrant city offers one its most iconic museums the National History Museum, where admission is free for all and that too all year through.

This museum is massive and full of many interesting things on display where you can spend a full day or more than a day to fully discover every section and display of the museum. To be able to do that you should book you should book yourself a comfortable and luxurious accommodation in Piccadilly London.

The National History Museum of London is an organisation, institution and museum all combined in one that offers a stunning display of the sciences from the times unknown to the present times today. Here you can spend a nice educating as well as entertaining day for yourself or with your family exploring and enjoying the museum’s collection, history of earth, animals, human evolution and more. Some must see and explore things in the Natural History Museum include:

The Hintze Hall

This is the largest public gallery in the Museum, here you can see a massive blue whale skeleton that is very impressively suspended from the ceiling and is symbolic to remind the visitors about our responsibility to protect our environment and ultimately the planet we live on. This hall beautifully represents the history of our solar system and the life on earth as we know it. London’s most beloved dinosaur, Dippy the Diplodocus also reigned in the Hintze Hall before the whale skeleton took its spot.



The maximum information you can get about dinosaurs is here in Natural History Museum. Enter from the Cromwell Entrance into the Blue Zone of the museum where you can explore the different types of dinosaurs, the periods they lived, facts and myths and the researches as well as stunning displays.

The Mammal House

This amazing gallery is also in the Blue zone that features fossils and skeletons of extinct mammals along with the specimen of their living relatives. From polar bears to pygmy shrews you can explore a rich diversity in the mammal’s gallery.

The Red Zone

Here you will find a great and varied display of science and species at the Earth hall, volcanoes and earthquake gallery, restless surface gallery, the origins of the universe and the lasting impressions gallery.


How to enjoy in London?

London is a vibrant city offering something fun and engaging for all to do. In this city you can enjoy great theatre, parks, food, music, free museums, attractions, shopping and activities that are designed for all ages. You can also make your trip truly comfortable and memorable by booking a stay at the Piccadilly London West End Hotel where you will be welcomed with unmatched services and facilities that will make your trip London more enjoyable. Experiencing the London tubes, the double decker buses and other modes of transportation can also add to things that are fun to do in the city.

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