A look into some of the Paddington Events in 2016

Events across the city continue to besiege the city as the summer months go by, and that’s most clearly evidenced in the area of Paddington. The Camden Fringe 2016 at the Canal Café Theatre will be for instance be held on the 17th August. Moreover, many more plays such as The Next best thing, Constance Kentucky, Postman Kat, and Sweet Little Zombies will be played at the venue – which we highly recommend as your first portal into British theatre.


Plays at the venue are comedic, dramatic, or simple musical masterpieces. For example, Constance is a drama set in 1910, where fear sweeps the town as a comet is seen in the sky. The Next best thing is the story of Jay and Kat, who look back on their shared history, from the moment they played falling cards in Alice in Wonderland to the present day, and how that related to their desire for fortune and fame. Postman Kat is the story of a disgruntled young woman growing up in Cornwall in an interactive comedy while Sweet little Zombies are an acoustic music band.

Prices for these shows will cost, meaning there’s no excuse to not experience any of these events. Plays and musicals are what part of the city is known for, and you would be remised if you don’t take the time out to enjoy at least one. Setting yourself at the Shaftesbury Hyde Park could prove to be beneficial not just because of the location; it’s located ideally near the gorgeous Hyde Park and Paddington – but also because of the Hotel Rewards Programs it offers. Meaning, if you frequent the city often, you will be able to continually experience luxury accommodation for less.

The area of Paddington is especially delightful because its puts you close to sectors such as Oxford Street, Europe’s premier shopping destination. Besides, a profusion of ethnic restaurants are scattered around the area, so you’ll be able to conveniently take delight in some of the best food on offer in the city. Book your accommodation this summer season, and experience Paddington for what it can be.

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