6 Restaurants Perfect for Picky Eaters in London

There is so much culinary diversity in London that you are going to want to try a bit of everything, but that can be difficult sometimes for fussy eaters. Thankfully, there are a number of restaurants that cater to picky eaters, so make sure you try them out if this is you. This list is going to make you want to join hotel rewards programs so that you can keep coming back to London time and time again and try them all.

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Vapiano is a German franchise which serves fresh Italian food at excellent prices, making their mark with seasonal produce and expert chefs. The pasta is all made fresh and you order on a mix and match basis – perfect for picky eaters that like certain elements of Italian classics but not others. There is no offence here, you can change the menu up however you like. For the pasta, you pick your pasta type, of which there are a whole range including spaghetti made from zuchinni and wheat-free options, you pick your sauce, a selection of add ons and toppings, and then the chefs pull it together right in front of you. For the pizza, you can mix and match your toppings however you want, skipping the pineapple if it is the only part of the Hawaiin you don’t like, or adding some ham to your Margherita if you like to keep things simple. There are locations all over London, with the branches in Oxford Circus, Soho and Tottenham Court Road being the best options for those making the most of Park Grand London Kensington Rewards.

More info: https://uk.vapiano.com/en/restaurants/ (various)


Pergola in Olympia and Paddington are indoor market places that achieve the street food vibe every picky eater loves because of the variety, while still maintaining the atmosphere of eating in a restaurant – and a leafy, open-plan one at that. This is perfect for fussy eaters, as there are four different cuisines (that are constantly rotating) and they are all packed under one roof. Each stall is specialist in their food, whether it is bao buns, burgers or loaded fries, so it has the appeal of eating somewhere niche and focused without being limited to a small menu.

More info: https://pergolalondon.com/ (various)

Tierra Peru

A Peruvian restaurant may seem like a bold call for someone who is a picky eater or who doesn’t usually enjoy the unexpected when it comes to food, but this gem is buffet-style – a fussy eater’s favourite dining option! It is a great way to try new things by sampling everything in small portions, so that if you find you don’t like what you have served up, you don’t waste too much. But, of course, there is a chance that you do like it, you can head back to the buffet and pile their plates high. Laid out in beautiful, traditional pots and labelled clearly with their delicious contents. This Islington restaurant is an outpost of Peru, with flavours that will transport you to the streets of Lima.

Address: 164 Essex Rd, Islington, London N1 8LY

More info: https://www.tierraperu.co.uk/

Hong Kong Buffet

In fairness, many people would probably argue that a buffet set-up is the only way to do Chinese food right – it is the kind of meal where you want to get a bit of everything, from king prawns to satay chicken skewers. It is also perfect for fussy eaters, because picking and choosing is within the very nature of a good buffet. Though there are a lot of options of places to enjoy a Chinese buffet in London, especially in Soho’s bustling Chinatown, there is nowhere quite like Hong Kong Buffet near the Chinatown Gate. There is a wide variety of food on offer – something for everyone, even the fussiest amongst us.

Address: 14 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BE

More info: https://www.hongkongbuffet.org.uk/


Yori Korean restaurant in Piccadilly may also seem like a broad set of flavours for a fussy eater, but the beauty of Korean BBQ’s is that you can select exactly what you plan to cook on your little table-side grill. Love the meat but hate the sauce? Easy – just go without. The Yori Korean BBQ menu has set options, but also options where you can order each item individually for the pickiest of eaters.

Address: 6 Panton St, London SW1Y 4DL

More info: https://yoriuk.com/

Kulu Kulu Sushi

There are three Kulu Kulu Sushi branches across London, which are all excellent options for those optimising their premier hotel loyalty program. They keep things simple, both on the food front as well as the restaurants’ decor, with a conveyor-belt dining approach. The simplicity does not in any way detract from the flavours, that is for sure. The conveyor belt is perfect for picky eaters – you can literally pick and choose whichever plate of perfectly rolled sushi is most up your alley. The conveyor belt dining experience can sometimes be quite chain-orientated, and while there are numerous locations for Kulu Kulu Sushi, it still retains its individuality. The sushi is also being made in front of your eyes as you eat then added to the belt, so if there is one dish you are particularly fond of, be sure to request it from one of the talented sushi chefs.

Address: 76 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 9TU

More info: https://vince1526.wixsite.com/mysite

We get that it can be really difficult to enjoy the wonderful eating-out experience that makes London so well-loved if you are a fussy eater and find yourself constantly picking things out of your dish, or not being able to eat it when you are surprised by flavours you don’t enjoy that weren’t specified on the menu. Thankfully, London has a number of great spots for even the pickiest eaters to enjoy with menus that allow you to carefully select what you want and what you would rather have left off.

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