5 Reasons London is the Best City for Your Next Business Conference

London is one of the world’s most popular destinations for business conferences and has long since held the top spot as the most popular capital in the world. Because of the city’s popularity and its vast range of venues, there’s simply no better place to hold your next business conference. With the premier hotel loyalty program, you can build up points and rewards with each meeting you hold, giving you access to better deals and more exclusive offers.

In addition to the incredible breadth of venue choices across all price points, London venues are renowned for going the extra mile and delivering the kind of wow-factor that will make your business event one to remember.

Here are our top 5 reasons to hold your next conference in our great capital city.

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 London is a truly global city

London is full of culture and if widely regarded as a truly international city for the way it seamlessly mixes and combines different nationalities, traditions, cuisines and cultures. There’s no such thing as a ‘typical Londoner’ as people living in the capital speak over 300 different languages and practice over 14 different religions. It’s this international feel that makes London such a great place to hold a business conference, as there’s something for everyone to relate to and feel comfortable about. From international restaurants to plenty of places of worship for people to visit during the trip, it’s easy for everyone to feel at home in this vast city.

 Multitude of venues

Because of its vast size, London has an enormous number of places for you to choose from. Whatever kind of feel you want for your conference; London has a solution for you. With the premier hotel loyalty program, you can select the hotel that’s right for you and get a great deal on both your accommodation and conference space. The Park Grand London Kensington is ideal if you’re looking for somewhere to hold your conference and unwind and network once all the business is finished. With our opulent dining room, restaurant and bar, there are plenty of spaces for you to relax and catch up in. Our meeting room is equipped with the latest technology & state of the art facilities so you can make a great impression. Our dedicated conference team will be on hand at every stage of your planning to discuss all your requirements and provide the highest standards of service to ensure you have a successful event.

Thanks to the sheer volume of potential venues for your business conference in London, there’s a fantastic variety of locations and spaces to fit every type and size of event, business, brand or product. Whether you’re looking for historic opulence or industrial chic, modern practicality or funky charm, there’s bound to be something for you. You can even find something a little different with a range of eco venues, retro spaces and quaint pubs.  With over 2000 places to choose from and unrivalled facilities that designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding delegates, London is the ideal city of choice for your next conference.

 Brilliant transportation links

London’s public transport is renowned for being fantastic and quick. It’s actually classed as one of the best cities for public transport in the world. The underground tube system is fast and connects the whole of the city, making it easy to get to your meeting place if you’re not holding your conference in the same place you’re staying. Plus, London’s many bus and over ground train routes add to the multitude of transport options. With all the transport choices on offer, London is one of the most connected cities in the entire world.

Because London also has a number of main train stations and airports, it’s an easy location for people to get to if they’re travelling from outside of the city. The fantastic rail links in and out of the city, mean that people from across the country can make it to your London-based conference with ease. And with the great tube links between the main city and the airports, it’s easy for people who work or live abroad to reach your chosen location too.

Industry expertise

The events industry is one of the busiest in London with many venues having specially dedicated events teams on hand to help your conference run as smoothly as possible. This is undoubtedly the case at the Park Grand London Kensington. Our specialised events team are on hand to help you at any time during the planning of your conference right up until your business is complete.

London attracts some of the most experienced and talented professionals from all over the world, making it one of the best places in the world for business events. With so much industry expertise in one place, it means you have a wealth of valuable skills and talents at your disposal to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you work with professional events agencies or use the inhouse team of your chosen venue, you can be confident in the expertise behind the preparing and running of your event.

Kensington Gardens

 Plenty to explore after your conference

It’s essential to take some downtime after your meeting is finished, which is another excellent reason to hold your next business event in London. There’s plenty to see and do in London to keep you entertained before and after your conference. If you’re holding your event at the Park Grand London, Kensington, why not head down to Kensington Garden and enjoy some peace and quiet in one of London’s prettiest open spaces. While there, you can also explore the grandeur of Kensington Palace and soak up some of the histories of Britain’s royal family. If you have time, you could even head into nearby Hyde Park and continue your exploration. Don’t forget, London is full of great bars and restaurants too, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding somewhere to socialise after your conference.

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