13 Proposal Ideas in London

Thinking of popping the question to your loved one? London provides a magical backdrop for a proposal. Whether you choose to do the deed in private or make grand gesture in public, let our 13 proposal ideas in London find the most romantic proposal idea for you to sweep them off their feet!

1. Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington Palace London

The past and present home of young royals including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Kensington Palace radiates romance and passion. Rival the royals by choosing a luxury hotel deal nearby and bring your loved one to the gardens to propose among the elegant gardens early in the morning or to coincide with sunset.

2. St Paul’s Whispering Gallery

St Paul’s Cathedral

Tackle the 259 steps to reach the Whispering Gallery at one of London’s most iconic landmarks. Due to the spectacular acoustics, everything uttered from one wall of the gallery can be heard across the dome. You’ll need to get the positioning right and it make take a few whispers, but once you’ve got it – the look on their face will be priceless. The ultimate of sweet nothings to whisper across the church!

3. Osterley Park House

Osterley Park House

If you want to toast the proposal in the city but would rather pop the question surrounded by nature, opt for the Park Grand London Heathrow loyalty program.  The area around the airport is rich with nature that forms a romantic setting to ask that all-important question. Arrange a stroll through the woodland and manicured gardens of Osterley Park and when they’re least expecting, poise the question.

4. London Eye

London eye

Book the Proposal Pod for yourselves and you can celebrate the happy moment by clinking a glass of champagne, sharing a box of truffles and gazing out at 360° views of the city. The special proposal package includes a photographer to take a snap to commemorate the moment. You can even crank this one up a notch by getting in touch with the London Eye’s proposal partners, who can organise musicians, dancers and magicians to add some pizazz to your proposal. Packages start at £490.

5. The View from The Shard

Shard view London

Now considered one of the most romantic places in London, The View from The Shard can be hired exclusively for the knee-bending moment. Rose petals are sprinkled, candles are lit, Brut Champagne is waiting in the wings to transform this popular tourist attraction into your own romantic refuge. You can even add a personalised soundtrack to the mix! Private proposal packages start from £640, but if your Premier Hotel membership has saved you a fortune on your accommodation you can be forgiven for splashing out.

6. Queen Mary’s Rose Garden

Located in The Regent’s Park, this beautiful garden features 12,000 rose bushes and when it’s in full bloom it’s one of the most romantic settings in London. The roses are at their boldest during early June so try and coordinate your luxury hotel deal within this timeframe for the most atmospheric proposal.

7. Keats House

The residence of one of the greatest Romantic poets is located on Hampstead Heath, and is a delightful white-washed building surrounded by elegant gardens. It’s peaceful and picturesque, and you’ll get extra points if you compose (or recite) a line or two of poetry.

8. SEA LIFE London Aquarium

SEA Life Aquarium

Go the the greatest depths in London to show your future fiancé what they mean to you, with the SEA LIFE London Aquarium proposal package. Expert divers will descend into the Ocean Display with a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ sign? She might realise something fishy is going on when you each receive your glass of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne, but no doubt you’ll have a whale of a time celebrating the moment! The package is available every Wednesday after 2.30pm and costs £250.

9. Clos Maggiore

As the most romantic restaurant in London, the team at Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden have seen their fair share of romance and will be eager to help you make the experience as special as possible. Book ahead to secure a top table beneath the blossoms of the dining room, and let the staff know your plans in advance if you’d appreciate their help in preparing the ultimate, romantic proposal in London.

10. Tower Bridge

Tower of Bridge

If you’ve blown your proposal budget on the ring, propose on the riverside in the shadow of the iconic bridge and it’s still utterly romantic and perfect for pictures. Or, you can book the glass walkway of the attraction and bend one knee right over the hustle and bustle of the thoroughfare below! London’s proposal masterminds, The Proposers, can arrange the special moment for you. If you want flowers, music, props, champagne, the professional team can ensure everything runs to plan.

11. Sky Garden

Another high-altitude proposal idea is the botanical garden atop one of London’s tallest skyscrapers, the ‘Walkie Talkie’ of 20 Fenchurch Street. The garden is an oasis of greenery with plenty of hidden areas tucked away for privacy. Again, you can contact The Proposers who can help you streamline your visit and add special touches to make it more personal.

12. Peter Harrison Planetarium

If they make you feel starry eyed, then why not pop the question at the Peter Harrison Planetarium after a spot of stargazing. The planetarium offer a special package which enables you to hire out the venue exclusively and watch the astronomer-led show whilst you build up to the climactic moment. They even organise ‘cover’ tickets so that they don’t expect the proposal! Packages cost £500.

13. Holland Park

Holland park london

Holland Park is a picture-perfect, tranquil park in West London which is where you can find the Japanese-style Kyoto Garden. Modelled on a traditional zen garden, there is a rock garden and waterfall, whilst koi carp dart lazily in the pool. It’s calm and often you’ll find it less crowded than London’s other parks so you can share the moment in peace.

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