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Londoners have always been keen on going out to the theatre or concert hall: maybe it's something to do with the weather. Anyway we pride ourselves on having been the cradle of theatre and classical music. Not only did we open up serious theatre to the public, but it was Salomon's series of public concerts in the 1780s that took good music to the masses. And unlike cricket where our home teams regularly get trounced by small third world countries, no-one could hope to take on London and win on the theatrical or musical front. It's not only the quality but the range, and with prices (theatre from £8, concerts from £6 - for top performers and locations) well below any other capital city, you'd have to be a hardened Philistine to find a reason to stay in.

Our writers are out enjoying London culture almost every night. It's the reason we live here. Between us we've seen almost everything on the London stage - our advice on current shows is HERE. We don't maintain up-to-date listings on the website, but the BBC does an excellent guide and listing service which can be found HERE. A good guide to events happening in the city is the City Events List which also lists church services as well as recitals, concerts and lectures.

We'd like to give a special mention here to Leicester Square's half price ticket booth, now rebranded as 'TKTS' (beware of local imitations run by ticket touts) which sells, as it suggests, half price tickets for Theatre, Musicals, Opera and Dance in London. It's a way for theatres to fill their empty seats (hence no half-price tickets for Phantom of the Opera here), and you can see some of the best-reviewed shows in London for as little as £7. Their range is displayed on the boards alongside the booth.

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